The Panamá Rainforest Discovery Center is located at 1.6 Km from the entrance to the Pipeline Road. You must pass the town of Gamboa, at the end of Gaillard Road, and follow the signs to the Center.


Public Transport: the only bus service that goes to Gamboa is CoopSACA (Tel:232.5155), which works on a specific schedule, goes from the Plaza 5 de Mayo and the Gran Terminal Nacional de Transporte in Panama City, by Albrook Mall. We do not recommend this option as the buses are not entirely reliable and the bus stop is 5 Km from our entrance. In the case you do take the bus, ask the driver if it's possible to be dropped off at the Smithsonian dock, 2.5 Km from the entrance.

Taxis: there are no established fees. We recommend you agree on a two way fee with the driver, and that you pay at the end of your trip to ensure your return from Gamboa.

Car Rental: rent a car to visit us and take the chance to get to know other spots in the area like the Soberanía National Park, Summit Botanical Garden, and Miraflores Locks.