All of our infrastructure has been designed and built under the principles of sustainable architecture: to take advantage of the clearings in the forest to build without cutting trees, tu use recycled materials, install clean technology such as solar panels and rainwater collectors, and to make the best of cross ventilation to avoid using air conditioners.

Visitor Center:

You arrive there on a 600 meter road, starting at the Pipeline Road. The parking lot fits 7 cars and 1 coaster bus. An open structure of 140m2 with 2 toilets, a small shop/storage space, a deck and a cellar.  All the hiking trails start here, and it is also a selling point for water, cold drinks, snacks, hats, t-shirts, raincoats, mosquito repellent and so on.

This center is self-sustainable energetically thanks to solar panels and a rainwater collection system in the roof used for the toilets. It was built with 70% recycled materials from old Canal Zone constructions.

Canopy Observation Tower:

200 meters from the visitor center, along a gravel path and a wooden walkway you will find an observation tower that is 100ft /32m high. You go up a spiral staircase that has 174 steps, with resting and observation platforms every 25ft / 8m, until you reach the top deck which is higher than the forest canopy. The iron tower is an original design by a Panamanian architect.

Forest Trails:

There is a 1.1 kilometer circuit of trails through the forest. These have a difficulty of easy to moderate. They are made of fine gravel, approximately 1.2 meters wide and have resting spots in 2 locations: at the edge of the Lake Calamito - where there is a small wooden deck with benches for observing the water wildlife, and another wooden deck with benches half-way down our longest trail.